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Cru Members


Women Who Wine for a Cause was founded as a group of professional community oriented women with a goal of bringing women together and sharing in ways that made it easy for us to gather.  As the group has grown, requests for a membership group grew as well.  The Cru Membership was born.

What is Cru?

Cru is a wine term used to indicate a high-quality vineyard or group of vineyards. It is a French word which is traditionally translated as "growth", as crû is the past participle of the verb "croître"; it literally means 'grown'.  Cru is also a nod to Crew - which is a group of people that work together. We felt this was the perfect moniker for this growing group.

Who we are:
We are a high quality group of women that come together to GROW professionally and personally by cultivating relationships within our exclusive CRU.

Who we are not:
We are NOT a networking group. While relationships grow organically and naturally within our CRU, we harvest only the best of intentions among our membership!


As a Women Who Wine Cru Member, you will be invited to additional "Cru Only" events through out the year focusing on growing relationships, experiencing our community and expanding your professional and personal reach. 


There are additional benefits available throughout the year for Cru Members from various community partners with which we partner for your benefit!

Past and current partners include:



Cru is a "capped membership" and is intentionally kept small to nurture the growth of relationships.  Join us as we empower one another and learn in and from our community.

2023 Cru Members (updated annually in February)

Alexandra Alsup - Consensus Cloud Solutions-  Member Since 2021

Alice Elliott - Member Since 2023

Amy  DeRenzo Hulbert - DeRenzo Law  Office - Member Since 2021

Anne Farmer - Liter's Inc. - Member Since 2023

Carol Wade - Consulting -  Member Since 2021

Catherine Pendrick - Best Blind & Shade - Member Since 2022
Christi Kaiser – Bankers Life, Financial Advisor - Member Since 2019   

Donetta Peabody - Astra Zeneca - Member Since 2022

Elizabeth Rhodes - Member Since 2020

Heather Adrian - Member Since 2023

Jennifer ArmburstMember Since 2023

Jennifer Murzyn-Yancey - Jefferson County Attorneys Office - Member Since 2022

Jill Grushon - Member Since 2023

Johnna Craig Norton’s Clinical Agency – Member Since 2020

Karen LeBlond - Member Since 2020

Karla Redmond - Member Since 2023

Kathy Sabotka - Dentrix Dental Systems - Member Since 2022

Kimberly Demling - WebMD - Member Since 2022

Kimberly McCulla - Kentuckiana Tire Recycling - Member Since 2022

Lea Ann Rice – Mary Kay Consultant - Member Since 2020

Lisa Pantoja - Norton Hospital - Member Since 2022

Melanie Miller - Cushman & Wakefield - Member Since 2021

Melissa Richards-Person - Member Since 2021

Nancy Bailey - Bailey Safety - Member Since 2019

Nancy Urbscheit - Bellarmine University (Retired) - Member Since 2022

Pam Cooper - UofL Cancer Program - Member Since 2022

Pamela Hendrickson - Member Since 2023

Patty Ruffra - Humana - Member Since 2019

Sandy Merritt  - Action Coach - Member Since 2020

SiDonna Cox - Interior Design/Project Management Consultant - Member Since 2019  

Suzy Hillebrand - St. Joseph's Children's Home -  Member Since 2023

Tami Hartley - Member Since 2023

Tammy Moloy - N2Company - Member Since 2023

Terri Alsup - Judah Real Estate Group - Member Since 2023

Tiffany Cardwell - MCM HR Group - Member Since 2020
Wendy Hall - SIHO Insurance Services - Member Since 2019  

2023 Cru Member Event Dates

Cru Members have access to additional exclusive events throughout the year.  

Save these dates and check back in the Upcoming Events Tab for details and registration.


March 8th 

August 16th

December 6th - Cru Holiday Party

Join the Cru

Become a Women Who Wine Cru Member for only $60 a year. You'll receive event invitations, news, updates, perks and discounts. Join below or Contact Christi Kaiser and include your email address and telephone number to learn more about Cru Membership.

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